Elle France December 1990

Céline Special for Vogue China, photographed by Kira Bunse


Kim Sung Hee in Warm Wishes
Yong Gyun Zoo for Vogue Korea August 2014


Who makes the rules? Who must obey them?


Felix Gesnouin | Richard Chai FW14 NYFW


crust talks, 2014

i was so productive today yeah i deserve to be a bum and eat lots of snacks for the rest of the night

henri matisse, aicha and laurette, 1917

i think my dad honestly believes that i could succeed in anything i do, and that’s so cute!! i told him that i don’t think i’d ever be like… a famous artist or anything and then he said that i could be like that one guy they made a movie about. i was like “BASQUIAT?!” and he was like “yeah! that guy! he was crazy!” i think that was just the first artist that came to his mind b/c i’m nothing like basquiat obviously, but it was so cute! i’m smiling!!!

my outfit is cute :~)


xiao wen ju

by jonathan waiter 

for babyghost SS12